Welcome in the Disease Monitoring Dashboard Information System!

This Information System allows the authorized users:
  • to query the epidemiological information stored in the database;
  • to manage the database content (modify, remove, add epidemiological information).
The database contains:
  • a set of tables used to decode attributes involved with outbreaks and distributions (i.e. tables to decode diseases, species, causes of surveillance, diagnosis, vectors, articles etc.);
  • a set of tables involved with registration of facts, (i.e. diseases distributions and outbreaks observed and referenced in OIE documentation).
Data source:
Disease distributions (regions/provinces, point cases). OIE World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS), World Health Organization (WHO), Animal Disease Notication System (ADNS - European Commission), Food and Agricolture Organization of the United Nation (FAO), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and National Information System, or unofficial like publications.
Related distributions will be automatically generated by the system (if not existing). Outbreaks concerning foreign Countries will be introduced by form. Also in this case, distributions related with outbreaks will be automatically generated by the system (if not existing).